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Virtual Meeting Sponsorship

CRYO2020 was due to take place in Chicago, but due to COVID-19 has now transitioned to a 100% virtual meeting. Due to ease of access and low registration fees we are anticipating much higher than usual delegate registration, which will give your company unprecedented global exposure in the field of cryobiology. There’s never been a better time to sponsor the Society for Cryobiology’s Annual Meeting. 

Why support CRYO2020?

 Your company will benefit from greatly extended exposure to global cryobiology professionals thanks to our initiative giving all students and residents of select countries FREE registration. The event app and virtual exhibition hall (free to Bronze level sponsors and above) will be available from early July and will remain online for up to 12 months following the meeting.  

Why Support Cryobiology?

Cryobiology is leading the world’s most valuable research in medicine with the preservation of necessary cells, tissues, and organs for cell therapy, transplants and fertility. Cryobiology is also preserving and protecting global biodiversity by preserving genetic material of wild and/or endangered animals and plants, as well as securing the world’s food resources through preservation of vital species and crops.



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Additional Advertising Opportunities

Want even more visibility? Choose from a range of additional advertising opportunities:

Digital Advertisements

  •  Society for Cryobiology Side Bar Website Advertisement $200/month (max. 2 advertisements)
  • Exclusive Society for Cryobiology Side Bar Website Advertisement: $350/month
  • CRYO2020 Event App Push Notifications: $125 each

Print Advertisements

  •  ½ Page Program Advertisement+: $400
  • Full page Program Advertisement+: $600

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