Upload your Recorded Oral or Poster Presentation

All CRYO2020 oral and poster presentations must be pre-recorded and uploaded to a video sharing site. Presenting Authors are responsible for uploading their presentation to an appropriate platform. We recommend YouTube, but you may also use Vimeo if you prefer. Please use the ‘unlisted’ video function (see the YouTube guide below).  

Once your presentation is uploaded you’ll need to submit the video link using the button above so we can embed your presentation in the CRYO2020 app so other delegates can view your presentation and ask questions on your video’s page. The direct link to your video will not be visible in the app. 

All poster and oral presentations are due July 6, 2020 in order to give delegates sufficient time to view the video presentations in advance of the live Zoom discussion and Q&A sessions.

Geographic Restrictions  
We know that residents of some countries may not be able to access YouTube or Vimeo. In this case upload your video to any cloud storage and submit the cloud storage link using the button above. We will upload the video to YouTube for you.  

How to Upload a Video to YouTube

Never uploaded a video to YouTube? No problem! Check out this step by step guide we’ve created.