Important Dates:

Submissions Close: Feb. 25, 2020

Abstract Extension (due to transitioning to a Virtual Meeting): May 31, 2020

Author Notification By: On a rolling basis from May 15, 2020

Please read the Abstract Guide before submission.


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Abstract Submissions are closed. 

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The Society for Cryobiology invites you to submit abstracts for CRYO2020 in the following categories:

Fundamental Cryobiology
Cryoprotectants/Ice Formation
Advances in Vitrification
Advances in Dry State/Anhydrobiosis
Advances in Lyophilization
Theoretical Modeling

Tools and Technologies
Tools and Technologies

Cell, Tissue, and Organ Preservation
Germplasm/Fertility Preservation (human, animal, aquatic)
Stem Cells and Tissue Preservation
Organ Preservation
Cell Therapy
Blood Preservation
Bacteria and microorganisms

Plant Cryobiotechnology
Wild species
Agriculture, forestry and horticulture
Algae, protoplasts and cell lines
Plant secondary metabolites, pharmaceutical compounds, and foods

Thermal Medicine
Therapeutic Hypothermia
Cryoablative Therapies

Biology/Natural Adaptation
Animal adaptations to low temperatures
Plant adaptations to low temperatures

Best Practice, commercialization, quality control

Legal and Ethical Issues in Cryobiology
Legal Issues in Cryobiology
Ethical Issues in Cryobiology

This list may be subject to change